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Official installation and tuning guides for Daytona Kits.


Daytona M4/HK416/MSK/PDW Fire Selector Cut Tutorial

This guide aims to show you the proper way to measure where to cut on your fire selector to make the SEMI-AUTO position work. In this guide, a G&P WOC trigger box will be used. This will be 90% identical to all platforms which require fire selector m

G&P/WOC/WA M4 Installation Guide (Pending Update)


WE M4/HK416/Raptor and M16 Installation Guide

The tutorial uses a WE Raptor Body. However, all WE M4/HK416 and RA-Tech Forged WE bodies will be the same. Prepare your trigger assembly. Things you need from stock WE Body: trigger, trigger spring, brass tube and lock pin. You can perform trigger m

VFC M27 IAR / HK416 / M4 GBBR Installation Guide

Video Guide:.

LCT AK and RPK Installation Guide (Pending Update)

LCT Daytona AK Installation Guide. Remove original parts from the selector plate, then insert DG selector into it and tighten up the screw. Widen the fire selector opening on the lower receiver in order to fit the new selector assembly. Drill a hole

VFC MP5 Installation Guide (Die-Cast AEG Body)

Daytona Gun VFC Mp5 Zinc Body Installation Guide. Using VFC AEG Mp5 Die-casting Body. 1. This is the VFC AEG MP5 (Asia Ver.), with a DG kit. For this tutorial, please read the entire document before proceeding to installation. Parts from the donor bo

VFC HK417 / G28 GBBR Installation Guide

Video Guide (Sep 2018):.

A&K / CA M249 / MK46 Installation Guide

Daytona M249 Kit Installation Guide. Donor Body:. Required parts:. Hopup Assembly:. This is a Gen. 4 M249 kit that does not require a small spring to hold tension. You need either a steel barrel or a brass barrel. Simply put hopup rubber onto the bar

A&K/Matrix PKM & Raptor PKP Installation Guide

1. This is the DG PKM kit for A&K AEG PKM. 2. Assemble the inner barrel group just like other DG models. 3. Line up the front brass bolt and tighten up all the setscrews. 4. Remove all AEG parts from the outer barrel except the spring and the screw,

A&K M60/MK43 Installation Guide

A&K M60/MK43 Installation Guide. Do not remove the loading spring tube. Make sure it sits properly and securely. Drill a hole at the rear of the receiver to allow the air line to go through. The airline is 6mm OD, so drilling a 7mm or wider hole is r

A&K/Matrix M240 Installation Guide

Community Video Guide:. 2018 New Receiver:. Older style receiver:.

WE SCAR-L and SCAR-H Installation Guide

Prepare everything you need from a stock WE SCAR body:. Hopup rubber is inside the hopup chamber. (Knife is not included). Everything in Daytona Gun Kit:. Put trigger assembly together. This includes the trigger, sear, and brass tube. Trigger spring

WE MSK/ACR Installation Guide

Everything you need from the WE stock gun. Everything included in Daytona Gun Kit. First, assemble the trigger assembly. Trigger, sear, reset spring (just one), and brass tube. Drop the trigger into the trigger box. Remove the valve lever for more ro

WE PDW Kit Installation Guide

WE PDW Daytona Kit Installation. Parts you need from stock gun to finish the trigger box. Starting from the lower receiver. Cut the bolt catch to maintain space for bolt assembly. Drill one hole from the rear of the receiver to allow the air line to

G&G L85A2 Installation Guide (Pending Update)

DG L85 kit for Army / G&G L85 AEG body. Remove the 3 caps inside the body. 1. Cut the scope mount rear hole to the same height as the receiver. 2. Cut the inner top part as shown in the picture. 3. Drill a hopup hole. 4. Cut the outer barrel. Drill t

CA FAL/SA58 Installation Guide

Video Guide:.

CA G36 Series Installation Guide

Daytona Gun HPA G36 Installation Guide. Daytona Gun CA G36 Full Kit. Starting from the trigger box. Put the air valve in and screw on the rear block. Drop the trigger box into the pistol grip. Don’t forget the rear receiver block. Put in the fire sel

Ares M110 SASS /SR-25 Installation Guide

Daytona Gun HPA SR-25 (M110 SASS) Installation Guide. Supported model: Ares M110 SASS Full Stock. All parts from the kit. Take apart the upper and lower receiver and remove all AEG parts. Keep the fire selector and mag release. Remove the stock, unsc

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