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WE PDW Kit Installation Guide

WE PDW Daytona Kit Installation

Parts you need from stock gun to finish the trigger box.

Starting from the lower receiver.

Cut the bolt catch to maintain space for bolt assembly.

Drill one hole from the rear of the receiver to allow the air line to exit. (Optional) Alternate air line route:

A solution to remedy loose air lines from the rear of the receiver: you can route the line to come out the bottom of the receiver, through the pistol grip. One hole is required to be drilled as shown in photos.
You do not need a PTS/Magpul style grip to achieve it, the stock one is just fine to hide the line. 

Drill another hole in the middle to allow the airshaft to extend out (measure before you drill it).

Drill a hole on the spring guide rubber pad to let the airshaft go through.

Trigger box. 

Put the sear (comes with the kit) into the trigger, and put the brass spacer to secure the sear and trigger.

Trigger spring is no longer required. Trigger pull can be adjusted by the trigger mod.

Drop the trigger assembly in, and put the pin in to secure it.

Drop the trigger box into the lower receiver.

Fire selector modification.
Put the fire selector back in the receiver.

Install the other fire selector. 

Put in the 2 screws on both sides to secure the trigger box.

Put in the fire selector pin.

Put the pistol grip back on and screw in.

The lower receiver is now finished.

Upper receiver

Cut off the rear body pin block.

Drill the hole on the upper rail for hopup adjustment (double-check the position before drilling it).

Assemble your barrel group.

Put the hopup assembly into the hopup block and screw in the bottom screw.

Put the complete hopup assembly into the upper receiver.

Install outer barrel and gas piston back into the upper receiver.

Install the screws back into the upper receiver to lock the hopup and barrel assembly.

Put the bolt and charging handle into the upper receiver.

Put in the air valve/spring guide assembly and close the body pin.

Install the air line.

Close the receivers.

The Daytona Gun PDW is now complete.

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