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VFC MP5 Installation Guide (Die-Cast AEG Body)

Daytona Gun VFC Mp5 Zinc Body Installation Guide

Using VFC AEG Mp5 Die-casting Body

1. This is the VFC AEG MP5 (Asia Ver.), with a DG kit.

For this tutorial, please read the entire document before proceeding to installation.

Parts from the donor body.

Daytona Mp5 Kit

On the lower receiver, enlarge the rear hole on the pistol grip to allow the air line to come out.

Put trigger adjuster into the front pistol grip hole. Make sure to Loctite it. The top surface must be parallel to the receiver. (Top screw is for adjusting trigger pull).

Assemble the trigger and Loctite the screw.

Drop trigger into the trigger box and insert the trigger pin.

On the lower receiver, put the fire selector plate on the right side and screw it in with the fire selector bar. Loctite required.

Make sure the ball bearings and springs are installed properly. Check and make sure the fire selector can rotate.

Install trigger box into the lower receiver.

Align the fire selector. Make sure the semi-fire cut on fire selector bar spacer is on the left side.

Insert left side fire selector and align it properly.

Put locking pin into trigger box and lock it with a setscrew. Loctite needed but not too much.

Enlarge the hole near the end of the lower receiver to allow the airshaft to move freely.

Drill a hole for hopup adjustment on the upper receiver.Assemble the barrel group.

Put the barrel group into the outer barrel assembly.

Make sure it is aligned; use a feeding tube to check alignment.

After you are done, remove the feeding tube.

For better durability, replace factory screws with stainless screws when putting the outer barrel back into upper receiver.

Put 4x M3x3 setscrews in first, then M3x6 stainless steel screws.

Install the feeding tube.

Put the bolt carrier group into the upper receiver.

Close the lower and upper receiver, put the stock back on and body pins back in.

Daytona Mp5 is now done.

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