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Useful tutorials such us how to refill tanks on your own, or use compressor for breaking in.


Redline SFR / Mini SFR Manual & Maintenance

PDF Manual:. Mini SFR. Standard SFR.

Refill your HPA Tank (and Scuba Tank) with Mini Compressor

Refill your HPA tank with a high-pressure compressor. Read the whole tutorial before attempting to use a compressor. This tutorial is for information purposes only. We are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by using a compressor or other

Refill Your Tank with A Scuba Tank

Scuba Tank Refill Station Setup. Allows you to refill HPA on the field with a scuba tank. Cost: 220 USD~ for Aluminium scuba Tank. 160 USD~ for Paintball refill Station. You need an aluminum scuba tank. Any scuba store should have them. Size varies,

GetSome 1000 Lube Introduction

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