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Break-in period

Break-in is normal. The mechanical DG system requires break-in simply due to a lot of moving parts and metal-to-metal contacts. They need to take some time to get to know each other before a smoother interaction can be achieved. The break-in period required for DG has been significantly reduced on most kits. Now, less than 3000 rounds will allow the system to run at 90% optimal performance.

If you have constant chops BBs or many jams/misfeeds, it may not be due to break-in but incorrect installation, weak magazine, or bad/soft BBs.

After a clean installation, DG should be ready to field at moderate performance. Fine-tuning and upgrades will get you to the next level.

AEG bodies tend to have a longer break-in period as they are not designed to handle moving parts outside of the gearbox. So don’t worry if certain kits and bodies have longer break-in times than others.

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