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Basic Troubleshooting Tips

1. LUBE IT with GetSome 1000. Applying a thin layer of lube precisely on bolt tank, bolt carrier, and middle part of the airshaft. Too much lubricant may cause hopup problems (no hop due to greasy hopup rubber, etc.).

2. Check your mags with body. Some mags are not a good fit and may need some minor filing to release the BB lever in order to feed properly. Check your feeding power. If you are not sure, borrow mags from your buddies and try to see if your DG works normally. You may need to experiment with various different brands and types of magazines before you find one that works well. This is normal.

3. Check your regulators. We ONLY recommend using a Redline SFR / Mini-SFR. Specifically, we only recommend the ones with a widebore line and Single QD. This is NOT a problem with Redline or the regulator. It is a problem with airflow and the QD that is on the Redline is restricting airflow on Daytona Guns. Other setups may work, but this is what’s recommended.

4. Use the ‘search’ function. Problems that you have encountered might probably be encountered and solved by other users before. Search your problems in the Facebook group. A lot of pro tips can be found on this site too. Make sure to check all other sections of this help center, as well as the Daytona website. You can always message Daytona directly for answers to questions.


Have an air leak problem? Here’s a handy guide courtesy of Eric Andreas Stenberg

Step 1 - Air valve: Put the airshaft in so it seals. The back holes on the shaft should not be between the o-rings. Attach the tank and press the valve in. It should fill the block and seal completely against the airshaft or you have a leak.

Step 2 - Bolt tank and plunger: Assemble the bolt tank with plunger and airshaft. With the plunger in, you should be able to blow into the rear of the airshaft and it should seal tight inside the bolt tank. Else: change all o rings in the tank and plunger (both outer and inner). Remember to blow HARD! It works at 120psi and you can maximum get 3psi so... If you have the means: Assemble the bolt tank and make sure the plunger can not leave the bolt tank in any way. Put the air valve on and give it a push. If the plunger sits in the tank and it doesn't leak, it is sealed.

Step 3 - Hop-up: The rubber should seal tight at the barrel. Put the rubber on, seal the end and blow through the other. In case of a leak, seal it. Assemble the hop-up: repeat. If it leaks, fixes it.

Step 4 - Hop up to airshaft: The hop-up should seal against the airshaft. Assemble the hop up to the rest. Seal feed tube and other holes and blow down the barrel. In case of a leak, seal it.

Step 5 - Testfire: Fire and Chrono right from bb 1. Fire a series of 10 bbs and the fps should not deviate more than 2-3 fps. If it does, repeat steps 1-4 or if you can identify the leak directly.

Also: If the installation is not correct and the shaft got flared due to rapidly smashing against the rear of the receiver, this can be sharp and damage the o-rings during assembly so rounding the edge minimizes this risk. Use 800 then 2000 grain paper on the back of the airshaft to smooth it out.

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