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Refill Your Tank with A Scuba Tank

Scuba Tank Refill Station Setup

Allows you to refill HPA on the field with a scuba tank.

Cost: 220 USD~ for Aluminium scuba Tank

         160 USD~ for Paintball refill Station

You need an aluminum scuba tank. Any scuba store should have them. Size varies, obviously the bigger the more refills you can get. Don't cheap out, you want it to last as long as possible.

Paintball Tank Refill station/adaptor.

A major part of this setup, never cheap out. You do not want to deal with any sealing issues. You can buy it from paintball stores or some diving equipment stores.

Plug your tank into fill station, and make sure vent valve is sealed. Turn on the main release valve on scuba tank to release air and fill up your HPA tank.

Once the refill is finished, turn off the scuba tank release valve first. Then open the vent valve to release pressure. Then you can take off the HPA tank.

The refill has been completed.

Normally aluminum scuba tank can be filled up to 3000 PSI.

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