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Refill your HPA Tank (and Scuba Tank) with Mini Compressor

Refill your HPA tank with a high-pressure compressor

Read the whole tutorial before attempting to use a compressor.

This tutorial is for information purposes only. We are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by using a compressor or other equipment.

Always refer to the factory manual when uncertain.

Mini High-Pressure Compressor

We will use Yong Heng Compressor as an example.

Get the set pressure model, so you can refill both 3000 psi tanks and 4500 psi tanks.

Additional Filter element unit.

To filter out all dirt and dry your air.

Extra filter insert.

Those inserts are washable but we will not recommend using them for too long. As soon as your air gets smelly you should consider replacing them.

Water Pump

Your compressor will come with a water pump. Put it in a barrel with more than 22L of water. 

Clean your pump regularly.

Prepare a fan for better cool down

A powerful fan will improve air circulation and cool down your compressor better.

Set your pressure

Set your pressure according to your tank. Never fill any 3000 PSI tank with 4500 PSI. 

The Scuba tank is capped at 3000PSI.

Connect Refill line to Your Tank

Make sure it's tight. Now you can turn on your compressor. It will charge and automatically stop once it reaches the pre-set pressure.

Turn on the vent valve first to release the pressure before you remove the tank from the system.

Now your tank has been refilled.

You can use High-Pressure Compressor to refill the scuba Tank.

What you need:

1x Stainless Steel Ball Valve 1/8 Inch NPT Thread (1/8" Female to Female)

2x ⅛ Fill Nipple



You need to remove the anti-backlash inserts.

Now you can connect to your scuba tank and start refilling.

Make sure you close all vent valves on both compressor and scuba tank filling station.

Turn on the compressor first. When pressure builds upturn on the scuba tank release valve to start refilling.

Standard Operating Procedure

1. Connect to an HPA Tank

2. Tighten up two valves (Black Handles on sides)

3. Make sure Water Pump is ON

4. Set designated Pressure on the pressure gauge (3000 / 4500 PSI)

5. Turn on the compressor

6. Wait until it stops running and starts BEEPING

7. Loosen Relief valve on right side

8. Wait until pressure on gauge drops then stops

9. Unplug the tank, turn off everything.

Warning! Before Use

  1. Check oil level

  2. Check cooling water lever

  3. Water Temperature must be <45C

  4. Compressor temperature must be <40C

  5. The filter must be connected!!

  6. Check for leakage

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