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LCT AK and RPK Installation Guide (Pending Update)

LCT Daytona AK Installation Guide

Remove original parts from the selector plate, then insert DG selector into it and tighten up the screw.

Widen the fire selector opening on the lower receiver in order to fit the new selector assembly.

Drill a hole into the bottom of the frame for the M4 screw to lock in the trigger box. The hole only needs to be roughly correct in size but ensure the whole trigger box sits properly in the rear.

Remove the original parts from the rear of the outer barrel. Torch it for an easier time unscrewing the parts. Make sure to put an oring at the end.

Drill a hole at the bottom of the pistol grip to allow the air line to exit, and file the top part of the grip so that it will fit.

DG AK kits for LCT AK body

Note: Trigger spring is no longer needed

Attach the inner barrel with the chamber just like the other DG models.

Put the stainless steel parts in front of the chamber, lube up the rubber, and place a bb in to check the hopup.

Place the metal ring into the frame

Drop in the entire inner barrel assembly

Screw in the 2 hex nuts at the top of the receiver, and then insert the LCT magazine.

Fill magazine with 30 BBs, and adjust the chamber to the correct position. Adjust and lock with the hex nut shown in the picture to adjust the chamber.

Using an AEG inner barrel unjamming rod, insert it into the chamber to pull and push it to test the feeding, if more than 30rds go through without jams, then your feeding is good.

Put the outer barrel on, and assemble the front set.

Put the nylon parts inside the upper wooden parts; this is for guiding the front of the recoil rod.

Assemble the top and bottom of the trigger, and put the bushing on (trigger spring no longer needed on kits produced after 2017).

Put the trigger in the trigger box, and pull the trigger to test the movement of the lever. Spring positions are shown in the picture.

Assemble the trigger box.

Insert the lever on with the pin and the spring leg, as shown in the pic, then turn about 180 degrees to sit on the trigger box.

Insert a brass bushing and the semi lever, and then the semi spring.

Rotate the semi spring leg 180 degrees and then put another brass bushing on.

Drop in the trigger box.

This step is important. The entire trigger box MUST sit properly at the rear end of the frame.

Secure the trigger box with M4 screw and the pistol grip screw.

Put the selector in and turn it 90 degrees to check the “safe, full, semi” positions.

Use the AEG unjamming rod to guide the valve tubing in and out of the hole in the pistol grip.

Take the bolt set and insert the tip inside the hole, and remember that it is rotated 180 degrees.

Then insert the inner shaft in the valve, rotated 90 degrees.

Rotate the bolt set 90 degrees more and then insert it carefully inside the frame, just like in the picture.

Insert the recoil rod and recoil spring.

Put the dust cover back on. Finished.

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