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Introduction Information (Read First)

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FAQ and general introduction. PLEASE read it if you are first time visiting there.


*READ FIRST* Daytona Gun Introduction (Last Updated Jan 2022)

Daytona Gun Introduction. Last Updated: January 2022. (Don't defend past actions; what is right today may be wrong tomorrow. Don't be consistent; consistency is the refuge of fools. - Adm. Rickover). DISCLAIMER: Reading through this FAQ will likely a

Supported Donor Guns (Jan 2022)

Supported Models. Below is a list of the kits and bodies they are designed for. Others are certainly possible but will require cost to machine and custom design. For the easiest, no-hassle builds please use the donor bodies listed below. Even those w

Magazines & BB Choices and Upgrades

What kinds of magazines can I use?. Magazines should have good feeding power and align well to the feeding tube. Otherwise, constant chopping of BBs and jams / misfeeds / misfires will occur. Some GBBR donor gun bodies may require modifications like

Daytona Airsoft Guns Break-in

Break-in period. Break-in is normal. The mechanical DG system requires break-in simply due to a lot of moving parts and metal-to-metal contacts. They need to take some time to get to know each other before a smoother interaction can be achieved. The

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

1. LUBE IT with GetSome 1000. Applying a thin layer of lube precisely on bolt tank, bolt carrier, and middle part of the airshaft. Too much lubricant may cause hopup problems (no hop due to greasy hopup rubber, etc.). 2. Check your mags with body. So

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