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Daytona Fine-Tuning Guides


Teflon Tape Hopup Mod (Prevent BB from over-traveling)

Teflon Tape Hopup Mod:The goal is to improve hopup consistency by creating a hard stop before the nub.It will also increase a bit FPS (similar to using oversized o-rings, it increase the friction between the shaft and bucking lip). Tips:. Tutorial:.

Plunger Spring Mod (Required for rHop Mod)

Plunger spring mod aims to improve semi-auto performance for rHopped barrel groups.It prevents pre-compression issues which can affect BB placement inside the hopup chamber.You need to use the flat hopup rubber bucking to work with this mod. Mill the

Friction Barrel Ring Improvement Guide

Resolves shifting barrels and improving feeding and consistency on some builds. Increase friction and ensure a tight fit on your barrel ring by adding Loctite. Loctite 243 is recommended. (If your barrel ring has a metal c-clip, do not apply this mod

Daytona Semi-Auto Lever Repair

This tutorial is to show you how to fix your semi-auto lever if your Daytona Gun cannot fire consistently on semi, or your if trigger follows with only a click sound when pulled. Grab a file and file your semi lever in the direction shown in the phot

Daytona Gun Airshaft/Plunger Length Sheet

Last updated: Jan 2022. Shaft length is measured from the collar (where crush ring sits) to nozzle tip (hopup direction). This affects the BB placement and how consistent Hopup can be. Unit: Millimeters (mm). [Tolerance +- 0.05mm]. Format: Shaft leng

Daytona Gun Trigger Mod

Shorten trigger pull and solve semi-consistency problems. All new kits manufactured after 2018 come with trigger mod built-in. Maximize the trigger pull by tapping a small M3 screw into the trigger sear. This upgrade eliminates the difference of air

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