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Teflon Tape Hopup Mod (Prevent BB from over-traveling)

Teflon Tape Hopup Mod:

The goal is to improve hopup consistency by creating a hard stop before the nub.
It will also increase a bit FPS (similar to using oversized o-rings, it increase the friction between the shaft and bucking lip).


  • Wrap it evenly. If you feel your bucking is bending to one side then stop and redo the wrapping.
  • Avoid wraping too much tape on or it will cause serious jams.
  • Don't expect to do it perfectly on the first attempt. Sit down and try it patiently a few times until you find the sweet spot.


Wrap Teflon tape around your bucking when your bucking is already on your inner barrel. Our experience is to wrap the section right before the hopup window. Start with 2 layers and try more layers if necessary. Take time and try it several times until you find the sweet spot for consistency and smoothness (over-tightening will cause jamming).

Use the airshaft with the plunger to load a BB into hopup chamber.

Use a rod or hex key tosee how much force held the BB in place. If it’s too loose then you need to put on more Teflon tape. You want it to be slightly looser than the air seal lip on hopup rubber. Be patient, it will take several tries before a sweet point can be found.

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