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Magazines & BB Choices and Upgrades

What kinds of magazines can I use?

Magazines should have good feeding power and align well to the feeding tube. Otherwise, constant chopping of BBs and jams / misfeeds / misfires will occur.

Some GBBR donor gun bodies may require modifications like filing and sanding on magwell / magazine catch lever to fit AEG magazines.


  • G&P WOC WA M4
  • VFC M4/HK416/M27
  • WE M4/HK416
  • WE Scar-L
  • WE MSK
  • WE PDW

PTS EPM Gen 2 mags (orange follower), *KWA ERG mags and G&P stanags fit just fine. Maple Armouries Premium PMAGs work as wellGoal is to find the best fitting and feeding mags and stick with it.

*For bolt catch M4 platforms: KWA ERG mags or PTS EPM ERG mags are required*

  • Ares M110 SASS / SR-25

VFC SCAR-H AEG mags, combined with upgraded magazine followers for best feeding.

G&G GR-25 120rd magazines feed well. Some sanding work is required to fit into the magwell. PTS EPM-LR magazines MAY work.

  • CA FAL/SA58

Classic Army FAL/SA58 mags, combined with upgraded magazine followers for best feeding.

  1. A&K / CA M249 Variances

MAG brand box mags are tested to be best-fit box mags for M249s.

For PKM, M60 & M240, stick with stock box mag. You may want to try and find a stronger motor for better feeding.

Wiring your box magazine using an external pressure switch for is a good idea. A basic fet (3034-style mosfet) is highly recommended to be integrated into the circuit of the box magazine.

**Pro tip: If your magazines and BBs work perfectly for you, DO NOT change, keep using the same brand same model as it will not give you headaches.**

Magazine Upgrades:

Z Custom High-Performance AEG Magazine Follower :

For resolving feeding issues on magazines, such as High ROF, heavy BB use, or bad follower design. Fits most double-stacked AEG magazines.

Undersized stock followers in best-case scenarios will only cause excessive friction. Worst case the BB will jam beside the follower and end up underneath it, then the only remedy is to completely disassemble the mag. We had this problem with many PTS PMAGs, as well as first-generation EPMs. Undersized followers will also deform the last BB in the mag.

These followers are made to be a drop-in fit for most AEG mags. The most you will have to do is cut off the circle loop at the top of your spring if your mag is of that design such as KA.

**This is different from HS5 followers which requires a lot of file and fitment work to make them fit in most magazines.

SuperFeed Mag Springs:

SuperFeed replacement magazine springs are recommended if you’re having trouble with feeding. They are compatible with most midcap magazines.

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