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Daytona Gun Trigger Mod

Shorten trigger pull and solve semi-consistency problems.

All new kits manufactured after 2018 come with trigger mod built-in.

Maximize the trigger pull by tapping a small M3 screw into the trigger sear. This upgrade eliminates the difference of air output between semi- and full-auto fire. It also helps with trigger response.

Required Tools:

  • 2.5mm Metric Drill Bit
  • Bench Vise
  • M3 Tapper
  • Tapping Fluid
  • Mill(Highly recommended) or Hand Drill
  • End Mill Bit(For Mill use) or File(for Hand Drill use)
  • 1x M3x6 Set Screw


PS: Not all DG systems need this mod. Platforms like LMGs won't need it.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Flatten the contact surface of your trigger sear using a mill or a file. This step is to make sure that when you drill the hole it will not go sideways and ruin your mod.

2. Drill through the flat contact surface using a metric 2.5mm drill bit. If you do it through a hand drill make sure you punch a small dent on the surface to centre your drill bit before starting. Be 200 percent patient and focused since you are drilling with a needle bit.

3. Tap a M3 thread through the hole on the trigger sear. Make sure you apply tap fluid before starting. Do it at 1/8 turn and back up then another 1/8 turn. Repeat until you have a full thread.

4. Put trigger sear back in the trigger mech box and complete your lower receiver.

5. Adjusting your M3 until both your semi- and full-auto levers can fully push down the air valve. Avoid going over or your semi fire will be too tight and cause misfire/full-auto.


The sweet spot is when you have a 1.5-2mm visible gap between your full-auto lever and valve lever. This will allow you to have a max trigger pull to release full air valve while not messing up your full auto.


A clean installation of the trigger mod will allow you to completely remove the trigger spring (the one that is pulling the actual trigger, not sear or lever springs).

You can also feel safe to cut the valve spring (inside brass air valve, remove the back flat head screw to access it) by 1/3.

It will significantly lighten the trigger pull and improve your trigger response.

Video Guide:

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